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Prounounced: Who-boon-two

The HuUbuntu

Ubuntu is a South African philosophy dating back to the mid 1800’s that in its most simple form can be defined as “humanity and compassion; the idea of ‘I am because we are.” Sometimes referred to as ‘the spirit of togetherness,’ ubuntu emphasizes the importance of our oneness in humanity, how we achieve ourselves by sharing ourselves with others and caring for those around us.



Ubuntu as an African philosophy, also has a Shona language (Zimbabwe) derivation, hunhu. This means compassion and humanity; the idea of ‘I am because we are.” A common theme throughout Zimbabwean and Southern African history, Hunhu/Ubuntu perfectly encapsulates the warmth, care, and community-mindedness of African culture.

The name HuUbuntu brings a double meaning to our Consulting firm. It defines the nebulous concept of common humanity, oneness: humanity, you and me both co-existing together in the same community. Therefore to unite and provide support to the weakest in our families, businesses, schools and communities, the concept of Hunhu/Ubuntu shows us the importance of co-creating ideas and working together towards a shared outcome. This is what defines our work.


As an international graduate student at the University of Victoria (UVic) in British Columbia, Canada, our Founder received advice, encouragement, support, and mentorship from people coming from diverse backgrounds. Many of them in Victoria, British Columbia opened the door to their homes to his family, sharing meals, shared special celebrations and exchanged countless stories. In some instances, overnight camping trips and island hopping to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the Southern Gulf Islands.

Based on the Hu-Ubuntu philosophy that informed his upbringing, the Founder also opened his home to local and international students to come and have meals. In addition to this, he provided online support to students preparing to come to UVic for their studies. This and many more actions were informed by Hu-Ubuntu that teaches supporting each other, being selfless and promotes the notion that it takes a village to raise a child. This is Hunhu/Ubuntu in action.

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Humanity. Collaboration. Compassion.

The Team

The Team

Our expert team at HuUbuntu Consulting brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience that produces reliable results for our clients. With over 30 years of combined expertise, our team has overseen a wide range of projects across various industries, and our passion for human flourishing and compassion-based initiatives fuels our motivation to exceed expectations.



Patrick has practiced as a development consultant with interests in community and international development, social justice, early childhood education, advocacy and government relations. He is an experienced designer of strategies to promote social justice in rapidly shifting contexts and in utilizing a lens of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. His consulting experience ranges from supporting Black communities in the USA and Canada to international non-profits working globally including UNESCO, Childhood Education International, Global Health &Education Strategies  among others.


Doctor of Philosophy
University of Victoria


18+ years



Business Development and Training

Sarah is focused on developing education, health and wellness solutions at HuUbuntu Consulting Inc.  Sarah’s experience includes developing both in-person and online professional development materials for practitioners, policymakers, and families around the world.  Trained in infant and early childhood mental health, her work focuses on providing mental health, trauma, and social and emotional learning. 


Master of Social Work
University of Maryland


15+ years


Government Relations Consultant

Kofi is an interdisciplinary public affairs, legal and community development professional with over 15 years of experience in complementary roles and environments. He serves as a lawyer, Director or Strategic Advisor on specialized areas that intersect with: public policy, anti-racism, trade, and socio-economic advancement for underserved or marginalized groups. As a lawyer, Kofi's practice focuses on strategic DEI initiatives, domestic and cross-border business transactions, anti-racist litigation and providing counsel to senior decision-makers on policy, employment & human rights compliance-work and risk management. At HuUbuntu Consulting Inc. Kofi leads our government and public relations work, supporting our clients on their DEI initiatives, government relations and public policy.


Juris Doctor
Osgoode Hall Law School


15+ years

Zahura Ahmed (1).jpg


Training and Wellness

Zahura is our lead in team wellness, coaching and staff support. Zahura has worked on policy and evaluation for the International Development Research Center, as well as regional migration policy and advocacy in Bangladesh. She has extensive experience working with the Government of Canada in various international development capacities, including health, education, food security, and regional and bilateral relations. Zahura has also worked in community development through the lens of both funders and non-profits. Through her most recent experience in the mental health field, she is skilled in wellness strategies and is passionate about doing good work in a relational, human, and sustainable way - at an individual level, team level, and organizational level.


Master of Arts
Norman Paterson School of International Affairs

Carleton University 


4+ years

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